The Journey of a Yogipreneur....

A Himalayan yogi within the heart and a Yogapreneur for the outer world Shiv Vinay Pandey loves to live a balanced life performing worldly duties. Ever since childhood in deep meditations in the Himalayas during the daily trips to the ashram he had a calling to become a monk. However the divine messages he received changed his destiny, where he was ordained to serve amongst the people the message of pure unconditional love, divine vibrational healing, and guiding everyone for their spiritual ignorance. Unlike the popular myth of yogis living a frugal life on alms, Shiv Vinay Pandey chose to be Yogapreneur to use the best of ethical worldly practices to create a sustainable model for spreading the message of authentic yoga all over the globe.


Global Online Yoga classes for participants seeking to learn authentic yoga. Click here for registration.

Shiv Vinay Pandey is managing director of Prashivyog a health and wellness centre in Juhu Mumbai, India. Visit


Yoga for Anti-ageing


Yoga for Digestion


Yoga for Immunity


Yoga for Diabetes


Yoga for weight loss


Yoga for Heart diseases


Self-healing through Celestial sound


Advance Yoga


Yoga for children


Yoga for Senior Citizens


Yoga for Ultimate Bliss


Breathwork for Stress free life

About Shiv Vinay Pandey

Himalayan Yoga Master & Yogipreneur

A pure soul born and raised in the pristine beauty of the Himalayas Shiv is an adept yogi with a lifelong mission of serving everyone to help them realize their unique divine nature.
He has formally graduated from the world-famous Patanjali University in Haridwar in Yogic sciences.

With relentless meditation over two decades, he has discovered his own unique yogic kriyas which can only be shared with advanced disciples. He offers worldwide online yoga classes in groups and private sessions



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Watch here Yoga and body weight training videos

Shiv Vinay Pandey being appreciated by Acharya Balkrishna for his yoga training skills and bodybuilding without a gym using ancient Indian wisdom.

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