“How much did I spend on my daughter’s education and her grades are not improving. I am so stressed out and my blood pressure is always on the rise” sighed Mrs. Desai in one of our counseling sessions. 

When we operate through material consciousness we will always suffer from pain, pleasure, misery, grief, or loss. Getting educated in the yoga of life is very important for a peaceful and blissful life. Here are some nuggets I shared with her which drastically changed her perspective in life and gain her health back. 

The mind creates, and the mind, either enjoys or suffers. We are the creators of our own destiny.  You can’t create anyone else’s destiny. You may think if you provide everything to your children than you can change their destiny, you may think if I give all the comforts to my husband than I can change his destiny.  But always remember they are their own creator of their destiny.  

You may think that they are happy, but outer happiness cannot make them happy for a long time. It is their own karma, which is going to make them happy, or feeling sorrow and pain. That is why, every one of you must work consistently to grow your spiritual consciousness, and give whatever best impressions ( Samskara), you can give to your family. Happiness comes from within. It never comes from outside and the sorrow also comes from within. Whatever glitter is there outside is not going to make another person happy. 

You must focus your attention on Good karma, selfless service, meditation, forgiveness, unconditional love, and all the divine qualities. Just unconditionally love your children and family members, create a positive environment and let them discover their soul journey with your support. Worrying and creating anxiety will only give an invitation to various diseases and not solve any problem. 

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