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I felt very angry, mentally beaten up, and completely embarrassed. However, I did not succumb to the negative sarcasm and decided to make the best version of myself. Living in a small town in the Himalayas I had no access to modern gyms or any fitness trainer neither had the knowledge on how to build the muscles. The only thing which I had was firm determination to transform myself into a lean muscular healthy-looking person.

“Hey! Thin sticks come here.” said one of my relatives when I had gone to visit them during one of my family social gatherings as a teenager.


From the age of 5 years, I have been doing meditation and the only resort I had was to seek God for my answers. I started meditation intensely and in one year my whole body transformed miraculously! It’s not about diet, gym, or workouts, it’s manifesting your true self by uniting with your higher self.
When you unite with your higher self all the negative self-limiting beliefs get eliminated paving the way to inner success followed by outer success
In one year I did bodyweight workouts as there was no gym around in the tiny village of 100 people I was residing. Neither my parents could afford any fancy equipment for the home gym.
Left to my creativity I used household items as weights such as buckets of water, gas cylinders, doing chin-ups on the ceiling, and so on……
‘NO EXCUSES’ was my mantra with my conviction to build my body the way I want to!
In fact, the more I meditated my body started becoming muscular with visualization and workouts.
In three years with a vegetarian diet of proteins, fruits and vegetables I built my body to a point that though I am a yoga teacher and entrepreneur the relatives want me to do modelling because of my physique. I got carried away and even entered a modelling contest


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